Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chomah - A Vision Of The Temple In The Night


עַד אֲשֶׁר-תָּשׁוּב, חֲמַת אָחִיךָ
until my brother's sisters' viciousness is turned away ... Bereshit 27:44

The word translated as viciousness is חמת. The last Hebrew letter (ת) in the word חמת can be a feminine plural suffix, implying that the viciousness alluded to here is sourced in a multiplicity of women. The correction of the text from חמת into חומה (a defensive wall) creates the vision of a new translation:

until my brother's defense returns

Last night, I dreamt a vision in the night.

Some living creatures were stuck in the fence (chayitz from the shoresh חצץ) beside my home.

I released them from their entanglements in it. Willing the potentially dangerous ones to move away, some of the living creatures then ran off into the field on the other side of the fence. After this separation, one living creature came over onto my side of the fence, then shapeshifted into a human being. A small group of vicious women hanging around who had come out against me were driven off by the presence of his friendly nearness to me. Their harsh words and aggressive countenances, like smoke blew out of, disappearing from, the dream.

I woke up.

The single letter root, an orach (אורח), of the shoresh חצץ (from which the word chayitz is derived) is the letter chet (ח), itself meaning fence. In kabbalah and tarot, chet both guards the path bridging the mind and heart (between tiferet and keter) and joins understanding to strength (forming the path between binah and gevurah).

The two letters tzadi (צץ) of the shoresh חצץ form the path between tiferet and yesod and further form the "justice, justice" we pursue into the root of malchut (ateret hayesod) and simultaneously, through both a wealth of intuitive associations and intelligent reason, into understanding.

Interestingly, in making the fence (ח) into chomah, the word חמת (sisters' viciousness) in today's parsha (on this day ה of Kislev and day ו of Shamash, the two non-root essential letters of chomah) is remade through three letters, a vav (representing a masculine force), a mem (the single letter root of the temple), and a hei (representing the feminine force of the awakened dreamer).