Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sex Magic And The Real Meaning Of Negative Mitzvah 310


כ״ט בשבט תש"ע
Keowulf 1
Sabbath Day of the Dark Moon

מְכַשֵּׁפָה, לֹא תְחַיֶּה.
The witch will be/have no beastly-acting beast. Shemot 22:17, Negative Mitzvah 310

כָּל-שֹׁכֵב עִם-בְּהֵמָה, מוֹת יוּמָת.
Whosoever lies with a beast shall be put to death. Shemot 22:18

When the Hebrew letter tav (ת) is prefixed to a verb stem, it sometimes indicates the third person, singular, feminine, future tense - "she will." A tav prefix on a verb also changes it to a noun. Thus, the implication in the above Hebrew verses is that a witch, through the alchemical transformations which naturally come in consequence to the magical practice of real witchcraft, will ultimately herself not be a beastly-acting beast of a woman. Through her magical practice, she will evolve into a fully actualized Human Being acting as an agent of the Divine. Thus, a witch should not be joined to an untransformable beastly-acting beast of a man.

It is in every witch's best interest to choose a mate carefully, wisely and with insightful connection to his truest nature. Without that connection, there is no good future for the two together.

The teaching of the two verses above from Shemot pertains to the critical element of reciprocal connection of a couple to each other's innermost Divine nature to attaining higher level magic. Without it, extraordinary magic (sex magic) within the context of a couple (a ritual coven of two) is impossible.

Tuesday night's dream:

There were two parallel-like realities. I was pulled from existing in the normative one into a special one hidden from the normative world.

I was able to go back and forth between the existent realities at will because of my unique chemistry. Those in the normative reality from which I had come could not enter into the special one, and weren't even aware of its existence. Only few of those who primarily existed in the special one could enter into normative existence without it killing them or cutting off them from re-entering the hidden reality. There was something very unique about my chemistry (and the chemistry of the few others who, like me, could move without damage through either reality). This ability to move equally well in both worlds made me a highly valued person in the special existence, sort of like a special-operations person might be in the military.

Two other women had been pulled into the special reality at around the same time I had. We each arrived and sat down in theater-like seats. In the seats directly behind us, we were each then pulled back into the lap of a male beast-like creature (each which looked something like the beast in the cartoon film Beauty and the Beast, although I was only able to accurately perceive the one directly behind me). I had to decide whether or not to remain with him. I liked him, so I said okay. He felt comfortable and fitting for me.

The scene changed and we were in a small gym-like auditorium. My beast was a leader and he also had to be judged by the judges to be fit for me (of special-operations potential). I had to help him survive the judging ordeal by gathering up all the balls (like nerf balls but hard like rubber) which had been thrown out onto the gym floor and place them all within a high basketball hoop (closed shut at the bottom) within a short time-limited period of time. There were lots of balls to pick up, and the basket was located at a very high place on the wall - it was a difficult test for me as well - to get all the balls in the basket within the short period of allotted time.

The timer started. I started retrieving balls, putting each one in the basket one after another. My beast was in a closed chamber hooked to the gym-like room undergoing some ordeal at the same time I was retrieving balls. One time, the chamber opened briefly and I saw the my beast was less beast-like, but not yet quite human-looking. As soon as I saw this little bit of transformation, the chamber closed back up with him in it.

One of the persons watching our ordeal, trying to thwart our success, came out onto the gym floor and picked up one of the balls still remaining to be retrieved and threw it out the door of the special world into the normative one. Egads! - I knew innately that I couldn't lose touch-contact with special world all during the ordeal or the whole procedure would be disrupted and a failure! Quickly, I got to the door, and with one of my tiptoes still inside the special world, and gripping onto the door with one hand, I went through with the rest of my body into the normative world and pulled the tossed ball back into the special world. I fully reentered the special world. The ball in my hand was the last ball to be put into the high basket.

As I put the the last ball into the high basket, the chamber opened up and dumped out a naked man onto the gym floor. My beast was now a fully human man.

The end-timer never went off, so we had succeeded.

I woke up.