Saturday, September 13, 2008

Introduction / Yachid Encounter Shaddai

After over a year of sporadic menses and months of hot flashes, I have now gone more than 5 moons without menstrating at all. Nearing my 48th year, I am well into menopause at this point I do believe. With it, I am entering into the Crone-Dark Moon phase of my biologic lifecycle. What indeed shall be the Essence of Wisdom to come? I'm giddy with anticipation!

Over a 53-day period of time, beginning with the Harvest Full Moon (September 15) of Belz-Elul and culminating on astrological Samhain (November 6), I will initiate myself into Cronehood. Fifty-three is the gematria of Garden (גן), The Jubilee (היובל) and "from the Malchut of Echad" (מאחד).

The new Crone Name I've chosen for myself is משי (Moshee), a form of Moshe (משה, Moses). Typically a masculine name, I've nevertheless chosen the name Moshee for two reasons.

First, Sidhe (of the Celtic mysteries) is pronounced "shee". The prefix letter mem ('m') of mo-shee, can mean "from" and "of". The Torah Nistar shared in the writings to follow here have come "of" my encounter with the Sidhe.

Phonetically transliterated, the Hebrew letters corresponding to the sound of Sidhe (שי) mean gift.

The Hebrew consonants which comprise the word Sidhe (שידה) refer to the energy field of the Divine Name Shaddai (שדי), Bestower of Divine Knowledge. This Divine Name is very appropriate for the witch's feminine ritual of drawing down the moon. Sidhe unifies the Divine Name Shaddai (שדי) and the vessel (ה) of the witch within a Singular Name, from the madreigah of Yachid (יחיד). Thus is born from the Divine Essence the creative power to project Divine Knowledge from potentiality into reality.

Second, the Hebrew name Moshe (Moses) is actually a feminine name. Moshe (pronounced with a short "eh" sound at the end), the greatest prophet of Jewish tradition and he who first received Torah from Sinai, was a man with a feminine name. It is fitting then, that to receive the magical-mystical Torah I am to share, as a woman, I will take a masculine form of the name.

My Crone Name is hereby Moshee. As Moshee, I'm going to write a book, drafting it here on this blog, a magical-mystical commentary on the Torah from the unique perspective of a shamanic Jewitch. The Crone's book of magical Torah commentary I will write is given the title -

Garden Of The Dark Moon Jubilee

It will be Torah commentary unlike any other! It will be pure magic!

I'm going to begin with parashat Vezot Haberakhah.

UPDATE: Beyond Moshee, on my Noble Name Myfanwy