Saturday, June 13, 2009

D’galim Of Clan Wallace

More on B'ha·alot'kha.

35: And it was with the going forward of the ark [that] Moses would say [lit. said] 'Arise Lord and your enemies will be scattered and those that hate you you will flee before you'... 36: ...and when it rested, he said [lit. will say] 'Return Lord, [to] the myriads of the thousands [or the tents/troops/families] of lsrael'. Vayikra 10:35-36. Read about the anomaly associated with these two verses here.

I saw the most amazing documentary on public television last night called Visions of Scotland. The visions of the land brought tears to my eyes. I wept - the land is not only so very beautiful, but it touched something deep inside that I can't quite articulate. I literally felt myself being pulled up and toward it inside out. I have no Scottish ancestry that I am aware of for sure, though my paternal grandmother's maiden name is Wallace, which may hold some clue.

I know I have Irish and Welsh ancestries, but maybe somewhere down the line, there may be some connection to Scotland as well. Clan Wallace is a Scottish clan, according to the documentary. A clan of the Scottish lowlands, Clan Wallace originally came to Scotland from Wales!

These are the six (דגלים) tartans of Clan Wallace. The Wallace surname in Gaelic is Uallas. The motto of Clan Wallace is Pro libertate (for liberty).