Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seed Of Success Magical Manna


וְהַמָּן, כִּזְרַע-גַּד הוּא; וְעֵינוֹ, כְּעֵין הַבְּדֹלַח.
Now the manna was like coriander seed, and the appearance thereof as the appearance of bdellium ... Vayikra 11:7

The Hebrew word for 'coriander' in this sentence is גַּד, which is the word גד vowelized with a patach (a line under the letter ג). The root word (פתח) for the word-vowel 'patach' means 'opening wide'. The Hebrew word for 'like seed' in this sentence is כִּזְרַע. The word for 'like seed' is joined and precedes the word 'coriander'. In this construction, the patach of the word coriander 'opens wide' the manna which is like coriander seed.

More explicitly, the construction of the Hebrew word-phrase (כִּזְרַע-גַּד), which is commonly translated as 'like coriander seed', secretly tells us that manna is *not just* like coriander seed, but rather is like coriander seed which is being opened wide.

So, now that we know what manna is like, what exactly is manna? The vowel kametz (the T-like line under the letter ג) tells us. The Hebrew word for coriander (גד) vowelized with a kametz (גָּד) in place of the patach means 'success'. Thus, while manna is *like* coriander seed which is opening wide, manna *actually* is success.

According to Torah, manna (success) also has the appearance of bdellium. The Hebrew word in the verse above for bdellium is הַבְּדֹלַח. This Hebrew word means crystal.

The magical Hebrew letters of the word גד offer further insight. Gimel (ג) comes to bring reward into the physical world. Dalet (ד) is the door through which it enters into manifest existence.

Taken together, success opening into reality through coriander seed and made manifest through the appearance of crystal is magical manna.

Manna, the extraordinary food provided by the Divine to the ancient Hebrews on their journey through the desert on the way to the Promised Land, encodes a magic spell for success in Torah.

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