Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spell-Inducing Water


אֶל-מֵי הַמָּרִים
spell-inducing water ... Bamidbar 5:23

In Torah we read about the Sotah ritual where an accused woman is made to drink the Divine Name with curses dissolved into holy water:
21 here the priest shall administer the curse of adjuration to the woman, as the priest goes on to say to the woman — "may the Lord make you a curse and an imprecation among your people, as the Lord causes your thigh to sag and your belly to distend;

22 may this water that induces the spell enter your body, causing the belly to distend and the thigh to sag." And the woman shall say, "Amen, amen!"

23 The priest shall put these curses down in writing and rub it off into the water of bitterness.

24 He is to make the woman drink the water of bitterness that induces the spell, so that the spell-inducing water may enter into her to bring on bitterness.

Witchcraft also has rituals where the words of a petition spell are written by the witch, subsequently dissolved into sacred water, and then ingested by the witch. For example, a petition spell can be made by writing its words on a bone china offering plate with ingestable ink, meditating upon them, and then dissolving the words into boiling kettle water by immersing the plate in the water. After cooling a bit, the water (with the words of the spell dissolved into it) is then ingested. In this manner, the witch ingests the power and ability to make manifest her petition.

The sotah ritual of Torah is a ritual of witchcraft.

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