Sunday, October 18, 2009

Magical Duel


וְנָהָר יֹצֵא מֵעֵדֶן
a flowing surged from Eden ... Bereshit 2:10

Last night I dreamt.

I had been set in a small lifeboat upon a river of sand. I had a handful of people traveling with me.

In the river of sand were many alligators who ate people put out on the river in small lifeboats. The alligators would capsize the lifeboats and then eat the people who fell in. The alligators couldn't capsize my boat, so the malevolent magician who had guided with guile us into the lifeboat, with his handful of companions, let our boat come 'ashore' into a large square whitish chamber-room. This is hard to put into words, but I'll do the best I can.

The walls held back the sand of the overflowing sand river. The chamber-room was at a lower level than the overflowing sand river. The malevolent magician then laughed, and as he left the chamber-room, he pushed a button on one of the walls. The walls started to retract down into the ground, allowing the overflowing sand to begin flowing into the room, bringing with it the alligators from the sand river. Having left the chamber-room, the malevolent magician thought that now the alligators would surely be able to reach and eat us.

But I was more powerful than the malevolent magician. By just willing it, I commanded the walls of the chamber-room to come back up - and they did. I could see the alligators through the now-clear glass-like walls swimming in the sand trying to break through the walls, but they couldn't. They and the sand were held back, for there was no button the malevolent magician could push to deactivate the strength of my will for the wall.

I and my companions left the chamber-room on the side opposite the river of sand. I went into a supermarket and acquired a white sweatshirt and some cherry cheesecake. There was a little girl with me.

I woke up.

Sand is made up of tiny stones. Stones symbolize the creative letter-forces of the magical alphabets.