Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yad Ramah, More Than An Idea


Yad Ramah, More Than An Idea - The Witch's Ritual Of 'Drawing Down The Moon' In Correspondence To Mystical Judaism's 'Drawing Down Of Divine Creativity'.

witnessed excellently, pure within and without,
a crown of gold round about, it made
... Shemot 37:2
וַיְצַפֵּהוּ זָהָב טָהוֹר, מִבַּיִת וּמִחוּץ; וַיַּעַשׂ לוֹ זֵר זָהָב, סָבִיב
[There are 10 Hebrew words in this phrase.]

even two rings on the one side of it ... Shemot 37:3
וּשְׁתֵּי טַבָּעֹת, עַל-צַלְעוֹ הָאֶחָת
[There are 4 Hebrew words in this phrase.]

Two dreams of the witch, Liorah Lleucu HaMasovevet (two rings dreamt, on one side of consiousness):

2. Black Gold (dream Friday night, shabbat) - witness pure excellence זָהָב טָהוֹר

1. Countenance Of Radiant Gold, Robe of Light (dream Thursday night) - crown of gold זֵר זָהָב

Gematriot to the two 'more' hidden rings (two rings found while awake on the 'other side' of consciousness):

The total gematria of the two Hebrew phrases above is 1750 + 1907 = 3657, with a digit sum of 21, one letter short of the full array of 22 Hebrew 'creation letters'.

The first Hebrew phrase contains the code לו, symbolic of the 36 lamedvav tzadikim (spiritual masters) who support the world and of the 'missing 22nd letter' of the complete array, namely tzaddi (צ). Round about the two letters (לו) which themselves represent the one letter tzaddi (צ) which completes the 22-letter array, the remaining letters together symbolize the idea coded as the '37th tzaddi', and further represent the final crowning step into 'messianic-redemptive consciousness'. The remaining letters surrounding the letters לו have a total gematria of 1714 + 1907 = 3621, with a digit sum of 12, the number of the diagonal boundaries of the known Universe.

Thus, taken together we can see that the single letter tzaddi corresponds to the principle of Unity. The lamedvav tzadikkim represent - in principle - the idea of drawing Divine Creativity 'down' into the world of multiplicity. Yet, as we see through the phrases above, it is the letters which surround which actually draw Divine Creativity 'down' into the entire multiplicity of the known Universe, making it into more than an idea.

The 14 Hebrew words of the two phrases together spell יד, meaning 'hand'. There are three hands associated with this post - the one pouring out Black Gold (dream #1), the one who received it (dream #2), and the one who writes of it now.

Cackle, cackle, laughs the witch who draws down the moon.