Saturday, March 7, 2009

There Is No Plague Among Them

Ki Tisa

there is no plague among them ... Shemot 30:12
וְלֹא-יִהְיֶה בָהֶם נֶגֶף

Last night I dreamt a complicated and complex dream which is relevant to this week's upcoming parsha.

I stood in the top row of rows of prehistoric rows (like bleachers), out of the way of a coming stampede of ancient prehistoric mystical horses of great destructive power. The row where I stood was safely out of the path of the destructive ('wildly focused') horses, but the lower rows were not. The rows were crammed with people trying to escape the fate of being run over by the horses, which would soon arrive.

Across and blocking the track like a wall, immediately after yet joined to the end of the ancient rows, was a large dam-like gate (reminds me of the island gate to the village in the King Kong movie). These horses were giants like king kong. They would have to break through the gate to move on down the track into 'the world of known history', becoming transformed in the move from the 'ancient prehistoric mystical world' into the 'world of known history'.

Waiting in safety for the coming stampede of destructive horses, I noticed in the floor of the running track (below and in front of me) a crack break open. From the abyss beneath the surface of the crack, onto the track, a plague of whitish larvae-like forms [1] began to creep up. They spread toward the rows, spotting in a few places on the first fews rows. Then the horses came around the ancient bend in the track, trampling the first few rows and destroying everything in their path - including the plague (all of it), the crack itself (which was no more), and the gate (which had been broken open into) the 'world of history'. The gate was open, the path was clear, and the way was sealed against harm and hindrance.

When the horses moved through,
plague, harm and hindrance destroyed,
eight and twenty-two
through my waking mind, the words deployed.

Interestingly, yesterday I 'cracked the polish' on one of my fingernails unpacking the new black 3-drawer file cabinet I had purchased for my etsy shoppe WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu. The fingernail itself (near where I am) was not cracked, only a protective coat of nail acrylic polish (separate from me) was cracked. The acrylic polish material can easily be fixed (like my shipping policies, which were troubling me until I changed them this morning since this dream).

Importantly, there is no plague among them - namely, there is no plague among the products which will be offered at WITCHCRAFTS, even the shipping policies are under the guidance of the Black Goddess. The entire array of the twenty-two Hebrew letters of creation have been uttered. The Black Goddess has decreed [2] it, and Her destructive horses have made it so.

Reversing the shoresh נגף (strike a blow, plague, injure, hinder) -

She closed the way and struck a blow
to the blow struck to close the way.


[1] Vampiric and spiritually infective otherworld life forms created by humans through unintentional outbursts of negative emotional energy and/or through toxic interpersonal relationships. "The Feary student will encounter them, rest assured. Forewarned is forearmed." From The Feary Teachings, by Orion Foxwood.

[2] eight, through Binah and Hod