Saturday, March 28, 2009

Letters Of Fire


and the fire of the altar shall be kept burning with it ... Vayikra 6:2
וְאֵשׁ הַמִּזְבֵּחַ, תּוּקַד בּוֹ

On the altar (mizbeach), according to the Temple Institute:

The exact location of the mizbeach has important halachic, spiritual and historical significance. According to tradition, Adam, the first man, was created from earth taken from this spot. Adam later built his altar here; after the flood, Noah built an altar on this same spot, and this was the location of the binding of Isaac.

The mizbeach must stand upon earth, and is referred to as the "earthen Mizbeach." This altar may not stand over tunnels or elevated arches as do the other floors of the Temple Mount and the Mikdash. The mizbeach was whitewashed twice a year, on Passover Eve and on Sukkot eve. It was cleaned every Shabbat eve.

This shabbat eve, I completed the ritual sabbat oil, Beltane Fire, an offering of WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

The sabbat Beltane, sometimes called Cetsamhain (meaning "opposite Samhain"), is the third of four Celtic sacred fire festivals (the moon sabbats of Celtic Witchcraft, a nature-based spirituality standing upon the earth). During both Beltane and Samhain, the two major sabbats, the veil between the worlds is thinnest, making these favorable times for powerful magic, contact with beings of the Otherworld and pathworking.

The word beltane means "brilliant fire". Bonfires of joy mark this fire festival, heralding the height of spring, the flowering of life, and the arrival of summer in its full glory. Celtic folklore teaches that if one bathes in the morning dew of Beltane, one's beauty flourishes throughout the whole year. More on wholeness:

The total gematria for the Hebrew phrase above is:

307 + 62 + 510 + 8 = 887

The digit sum is 23. The value twenty-three pertains to the entire array of the 22 known letters of the Hebrew aleph-beit, plus the missing letter as taught in the mystical folklore of Jewish Kabbalah.

Thus, my ritual oil Beltane Fire contains the essence of the 22 known Hebrew letters and the essence of the missing letter as well.

Potent magic is burning in this little bottle!