Saturday, August 15, 2009

Warding With Reverse Vision


וְהֵסִיר יְהוָה מִמְּךָ, כָּל-חֹלִי
and the Divine wards me from impoverished weekdays ... Devarim 7:15

Last week, a reader emailed and inquired as to my recommendations for warding a journey. Pay attention and see. hamayvin yavin

In my own experience, my circle of protection travels with me wherever I go or frequent - the circle of protection 'just is' and I take it for granted. It's like 'my mark' guards my spaces.

To both protect and bring wholeness into one's space every day in the physical world - a letter, a sigil or symbol, a sacred object, or a prayer that is meaningful and naturally connects one with one's Divine Spark without needing to think about it can be a useful way to physically mark and ward one's space. For example, in my office at work, not only does my routine Presence there 'mark the space' in my office, but I have consciously marked it as well with items which bring up from me the Divine Feminine - a crystal ball, a small spiral Goddess figure, a black cat Bastet statue, an elegant crystal point hanging window prism, a protection mini spell bottle, a small red mojo bag, a tiny hanging besom, and the soft tinkling music of electronic windchimes grace and ward my office space. These items, like segulot and charms, consciously plug me into the circuit of power of my own Divine Awareness. Thus, beyond and within Awareness, supra-temporally and temporally, the space I inhabit is warded, protected and enriched.

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