Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blessing Of The Cursed

Shabbat Sabbat Beltane, 32 Days of the Omer


הוֹצֵא אֶת-הַמְקַלֵּל
eject the one who has cursed ... Vayikra 24:14

The psycho-spiritual energy it takes to create and send forth an effective curse is massive. Anger constitutes the only energy able to fuel the manifestation of a curse's intention into reality. No other energy has the power to do it. Casting a curse against someone, whether through direct or indirect intention (i.e., active or passive ill-will), takes an extraordinary self-investment of energy.

During the active or passive act of cursing, the energy raised by the curse-caster to fuel a curse is transferred from the curse-caster to the object of the curse. Such a powerful transference of energy surely taxes and typically wipes out the curse-caster's psycho-spiritual energy reserves. Consequently, experienced practitioners of the magical arts rarely cast a curse. It costs the soul too much power to engage in a frivolous practice of cursing.

The experienced practitioner of the magical arts takes understanding advantage of energetic dynamics when faced with an enemy who has cursed her.

On understanding magical energy from Dorothy Morrison's Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions:

The pixels in a computer graphic ... they are only dots of color - nothing more, nothing less. But when an artist moves them together in a particular order and directs them into a proper measurement, an image forms. The pixels, themselves, have no control over whether the image is dreadful or gloomy, or bright and cheerful. They are, after all, just dots of color. It is the artist who brings the image to light - and evokes the desired feeling from those who view it - by moving and directing the pixels in a certain fashion. The same is true of energy and the practitioner.

Consequently, the experienced practitioner of the magical arts understands that negative energy should never be returned to the sender through reversing the energy of the sender's curse and sending it back to the person or casting one's own curse against the person. Dorothy goes on to write:

Because if both [magical] practitioners have their shields in place - and they certainly should if they're worth their salt - all this is going to do is cause a game of psychic volleyball. The energy is going to just bounce back and forth until someone gets tired. And we can only hope that someone is the practitioner who sent the energy in the first place.

Think about it. Dorothy continues:

Regardless of how it feels, all energy is a gift. It's the very substance from which everything is created. And that being the case, it should never be sent back. Instead, it should be grabbed up, moved and directed, and formed and shaped into something entirely different - something wonderful - something that can be used for personal [or collective] benefit.

All energy is a gift, even the energy of curse. When an experienced practitioner of the magical arts is cursed by someone who actively or passively wishes her ill-will, the experienced witch fully accepts the gift of energy and rearranges its pixels of negativity into pixels of positive blessing. After all, like pixels on the computer, pixels of energy can be moved around and transformed into something beautiful by the artist within whom they find life. Ultimately, it is the soul of the one who ends up with the energy which determines how the pixels come together as a pattern on the screen of her life. Even though the curse-caster may send the pattern of a curse, that pattern may dissolve and rearrange into a pattern of blessing once the energy arrives in the soul of the "cursed."

We can see then that, when a vengeful or inexperienced person curses an experienced witch, all that person is effectively doing is providing the witch with more energy to fill her life with more blessing. Given that the amount of energy it takes to muster up an effective curse is massive, the potential for blessing is equally massive.

We can also see why Torah commands one who has cursed to be removed from the collective camp - because one who has cursed has transferred energy out of the camp and has given it over to another camp through the process of "cursing." Energy constitutes both manifest curses and manifest blessings. Thus, by giving away energy through a curse, cursing is like giving away the energy which also constitutes the camp's Divine blessing. Considering this, we can see that it is actually for transferring energy (which ultimately constitutes all manifest blessing) out of the camp that the curse-caster is commanded to be also cast out of the camp.