Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yabok And The Power Of Witchcraft


אִישׁ עַל-דִּגְלוֹ בְאֹתֹת לְבֵית אֲבֹתָם, יַחֲנוּ בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל
The children of Israel shall pitch by their fathers' houses; every man with his own standard [input]

according to the ensigns [resistor]

סָבִיב לְאֹהֶל-מוֹעֵד יַחֲנוּ
a good way off shall they pitch round about the tent of meeting [output] ... Bamidbar 2:2

On Yabok (יבק), tradition teaches -

Yabok is the name of the river which Jacob transversed upon entering Israel, before his encounter with his brother Esau.

In Kabbalah, Yabok is an acronym for Yichud ["unification"], Berachah ["blessing"], Kedushah ["holiness"]). Of the varying interpretations with regard to the three levels of this most fundamental idiom and teaching of Kabbalah--yichud, berachah and kedushah--the most often cited and expounded upon in the classic texts of Chassidut is that the three concepts correspond to the three general ascending levels of the soul: nefesh, ruach and neshamah; or one's "world" of action--his ability to relate and unite with outer reality, one's "world" of emotion--the blessing of abundant emotive energy, and one's "world" of meditation--the experience of holiness as a transcendent connection with the realm of the Divine.

The word Yabok equals 112 in gematria, the combined value of the two Names (referred to together as G-d's "full Name") Havayah (26)--Elokim (86); and as well the combined value of the three Names: Ekyeh (21), Havayah (26), Adnut (65), which themselves correspond to the three levels of Yabok.

Kedushah - Wholiness

In follow-up to The Healing Feeling of Wholeness and A Year To Reveal All Good, this week's Torah portion tells us how to regulate, direct and amplify the proper flow of blessing so that it is experienced as all good and is not overwhelming to our ability to safely receive it.

The Hebrew word מִנֶּגֶד can refer to the load resistor mechanism like in an amplifying transistor which regulates electrical currents. The gematria of מִנֶּגֶד is 97, with a digit sum of 16, and a final reduced digit sum of 7. Seven is the value for the magical Hebrew letter zayin. Connected to the concept of aur chozer, zayin corresponds to the Divine Feminine Power to resist, reflect, reorganize and redirect. As explained in The Healing Feeling of Wholeness, in my own personal experience, the power of zayin to manage Divine Energy is found in Witchcraft.

Berachah - Blessing

The gematria of the entire Hebrew phrase loading as input onto the resistor is 2819, reducing to a digit sum of 20, and to a final digit sum of 2. The value of 2 pertains to the magical Hebrew letter beit, corresponding to berachah (blessing).

Yichud - Unification

The gematria of the entire phrase following as output from the resistor is 334, reducing to a digit sum of 10, and to a final digit sum of 1. The value of 1 pertains to the magical Hebrew letter alef, corresponding to the perfect balance achieved by moving in rhythm with the flow of one's own inner messianic Divine Spark, and to actualizing Unity in Multiplicity. Now, the blessing flowing out from the resistor mechanism is balanced and remains in essential unity even as the blessing becomes expressed in an amplified multiplicity of ways.

Through zayin, Witchcraft is for me the measure (קבי) through which Divine Blessing is safely made manifest. Witchcraft brings the blessing down into reality in proper measure, making it all good. With Witchcraft, it all comes together.